Premiere: Magic Bronson, ‘Magic Bronson’ EP

Magic Bronson
Magic Bronson

“Hell With a Water Pistol” might be the best metaphor we’ve heard yet for trying to make synth-pop that doesn’t sound like it came from an algorithm and a 14-year-old’s diary scribblings. But damned if L.A. duo Magic Bronson haven’t doused the fires of inanity (if not insanity) with their “Magic Bronson” EP, out on Friday. On the follow-up to their late-2014 full-length “Wildfire,” the tag team of Michael Nicastro and Matthw Lieberman throw down five bass-propelled songs with rave-ready production, surprising twists and clever lyricism. These are songs for big rooms (and the space between your ears). Have at ’em.

||| Stream: “Magic Bronson” EP

||| Live: Magic Bronson perform Saturday at Vega’s Meat Market, April 25 at the Satellite as part of the Transviolet residency and April 30 at the Summer Meltdown Festival in Santa Clarita.

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