Video: James Supercave, ‘Burn / No Pressure’ (NSFW)

Scene from James Supercave's
Scene from James Supercave's "Burn" video

The double-barreled video for the James Supercave songs “Burn” and “No Pressure” is fraught with symbolism, and in a way not unlike the music of the L.A. quintet itself — drunk on neuroses, sure only that the bass line will get you home. Directed by Alexandre Souêtre, the video finds frontman Joaquin Pastor wandering a sun-bleached expanse (of L.A.’s Hansen Dam, perhaps?), while lurking ostensibly beneath the concrete are naked bodies, all with the same masked heads. “‘Burn’ served as a collaborative experiment, where personal interpretations came together to form a music video,” the director told Noisey, where the video premiered. “While the song’s meaning had no part in the initial inspiration, crew and talents were often blinded, both physically and conceptually, given very little explanation on context, content and purpose, and yet just enough to connect and work in parallel.”

Part 2 of the video syncs to the song “No Pressure,” a dancey live favorite that does not appear on James Supercave’s debut album “Better Strange” (which came out in February via Fairfax). “No pressure / no pressure to be super different / no pressure at all,” Pastor sings, finding a corporeal moment in his concrete abyss of normalcy. There’s also a snake involved … so, class, please discuss.

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