Video: Deap Vally, ‘Smile More’

Deap Vally at the Fonda Theatre in March (Photo by Samantha Saturday)
Deap Vally at the Fonda Theatre in March (Photo by Samantha Saturday)

Among the irksome but subtle microagressions directed at women, telling them “you should smile more” induces a special brand of rancor. It’s inspired lengthy discourse on Reddit (just search), an art project and the new Deap Vally single, “Smile More.” Following last November’s single “Royal Jelly,” the song is the second to emerge from the new album “Femejism,” which the L.A. heavy blues duo announced today will be out Sept. 16.

The album is their second; “Sistrionix,” the debut from Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, arrived like a freight train back in the summer of 2013. Since then, they have toured with such artists as Iggy Pop, Peaches, Marilyn Manson and Wolfmother and worked on their new music with production by Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Oh, and Edwards became a mom. The video for “Smile More,” filmed on an iPhone in neighborhoods throughout L.A., was directed by Nina Ljeti, and Deap Vally’s anthem will resonate with anybody who’s ever been judged (or profiled) because they don’t fit into a convenient mold. “Yes, I am a feminist,” Troy speak-sings, “but that isn’t why I started doing this / And sometimes I am full of bitterness / But I am trying to work through this.”

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