Video: Deap Vally, ‘Royal Jelly’

Deap Vally (Photo by Koury Angelo)
Deap Vally (Photo by Koury Angelo)

It’s likely been a long time since Julie Edwards and Lindsey Troy played an empty room but they sure look cool doing so wearing their flag and money-themed onesies in the Jess Holzworth-directed “Royal Jelly” music video, with one foxy Georgia May Jagger sipping whiskey at the bar. “Royal Jelly” is the first track off the next Deap Vally album, to be released and titled in 2016. Troy says, “It’s a song that takes its time, but the pay-off is great. It’s definitely one of the funkiest songs on our upcoming new record.” Produced by Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner, the album promises to deliver more “heart-melters and ball-busters” along the lines of 2013’s “Sistronix” while pushing their girl-powering attitude-filled bluesy minimalist rock sound to new dimensions, including forays into experimental prog and kraut-rock.

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||| Live: Deap Vally celebrate the release of their single with a show Nov. 16 at Basic Flowers (242 S. Broadway, downtown)

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