Stream: Mondo Cozmo, ‘Shine’

Mondo Cozmo
Mondo Cozmo

Mondo Cozmo is L.A.-based Joshua Ostrander, the Boss-channeling, flannel-wearing, recently Mohawked Philadelphia native who makes songs that belong in a really hip church service. He debuted in April with “Hold On to Me” and its touching video starring Anna Faris, then two weeks ago released “Plastic Soul” — basically a makeover of this song — via email, since the “borrowed” music wasn’t cleared by his legal department. And today comes the lead song on the Mondo Cozmo EP, “Shine,” an acoustic-based anthem backed by a choir, and an instant classic from the rich loam of American songwriting. Ostrander sings like he’s been out in the sun too long, or up too late last night, or Dylan actually carrying a tune. He’s been a known quantity around L.A. for quite some time, and the new Mondo Cozmo bio reveals this: “I am East Los Angeles but originally from Philly. I am not sure if I graduated high school. I can be soulful one moment and screaming Sixes and Sevens the next. I am the guy who orders 2 beers whenever I go into a bar and I pick up the phone whenever my mom calls. I want to do whatever I want. I want to connect with everyone. There is no demographic.”

That third beer is on us.

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