Video: The Donnies The Amys, ‘Racehorse’

The Donnies The Amys
The Donnies The Amys

The Donnies the Amys — the Echo Park duo fusing the talents of singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Donnie Stemp and drummer Amy Wood — debuted in early 2012 with a full-length of whip-smart and keenly emotive indie-pop. Since then, they’ve released two EPs and seen their profile skyrocket after Dutch house music producer Sam Feldt’s version of their 2014 song “Drive Me Home” became one of those streamed-a-million-times dance hits. The duo returned today with a new EP, “Blue Dream,” five achingly beautiful songs of Stemp’s arching, folk-singer vocals over Wood’s precise, almost lyrical drumming. The video for “Racehorse” stars Elaine Reid at a roller dancing competition, her routine in slow motion to match the languid beauty of the song. 10.0.

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