Stream: Cillie Barnes, ‘Clandestina’

Cillie Barnes (photo by Ilana Shulman)

Self-proclaimed “gyp-hop” band Cillie Barnes returns, announcing a full-length album, “Cobra Lily,” and a new lineup joining songwriter Vanessa Long, consisting of Marko Kurtović, Nick White, Thomas Berg, Trevor Sohnen and Andrew Tyler. They report sharing a common interest in “the Alexander Technique, running the Grand Canyon, murder mysteries, postmodernism, animation, haunted houses, cheese, hounds, board games and magic.” They even went so far as to combine all their names together into one weird imaginary foreign person: Sohler Whitević Longberg.

So what is “gyp-hop,” one might ask? It’s a phrase the singer coined back in her “Brainwash” days. Listen to “Clandestina” and it becomes clear. Traces of gypsy sentiment, some strings, a lusty pace, laced with indie pop and Long’s squeaky, sultry voice dipping into a rap verse here and there. The song describes an ever-attractive but bad news trickster lover.

The forthcoming album is produced by Joe Keefe of Family of the Year.

||| Stream: “Clandestina”

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