Stream: Jesse Jo Stark, ‘Deadly Doll’

Jesse Jo Stark
Jesse Jo Stark

Jesse Jo Stark emerged in 2014 as a sultry-voiced roots-rocker, the Steve Jones-produced “Down Your Drain” EP projecting a little bad-girl mystique. Stark’s next act only deepens the mystique — the new single “Deadly Doll” summons some Western folk noir as she comes out of the mist like a sepia-toned femme fatale. The new song, co-written with Chris Garcia (Lana Del Rey, Demi Lovato) and produced by Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), is from Stark’s forthcoming EP. The title comes from a book of phrases she carries around. “At the time, I felt like ‘Deadly Doll’ was my alter ego,” says Stark, the daughter of Richard Stark and Laurie Lynn, the couple behind the lifestyle brand Chrome Hearts. “It still is, depending on my mood. Lyrically, you can interpret it many different ways. I love combining these spooky elements and soft, eerie country tones into a beautiful anthem. The song got me through a tough time. I hope it does the same for listeners.” Its release follows by five months the release of the new tune “April Flowers,” co-penned by Isaac Carpenter.

||| Stream: “Deadly Doll” and “April Flowers”

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