Video premiere: Cosmos & Creature, ‘Ride the Wave’

Cosmos & Creature
Cosmos & Creature

“Ride the Wave” is the latest slice of pop euphoria from Cosmos & Creature, the boyfriend/girlfriend creative alliance of Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore. To review: Each had rising solo careers and had worked on each other’s music until 2016, when they released their first C&C single. It’s been nothing but blue skies ever since, and “Ride the Wave,” with its tag-team vocals and ascendant chorus, embodies the duo’s just-go-for-it attitude.

The protagonist of the video for “Ride the Wave” would do well to embrace that sentiment. The video, written and directed by Rosco Guerrero and featuring Andy Dus, Tess Scarborough, Jelina Gonzales and Cosmos & Creature themselves, finds a scruffy underachiever at home playing couch potato. Suddenly, though, a Cosmos & Creature infomercial comes on the TV, and he’s inspired to work on some life goals. Who hasn’t been that schlub? Who doesn’t need to work on life goals? Who doesn’t need a self-help soundtrack?

“We teamed up with Blurred Pictures to make this video and actually flew to Denver for one night to shoot it,” the duo says. “We loved the idea of incorporating a story line that’s humorous and relatable. We were lucky enough to feature some amazing local talent that really brought the video to life. The core of the song and video are about letting the tough parts of life spark inspiration, change and action.”

Wait, what flavor is that ice cream again?

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