Stream: Lo Moon, ‘Thorns’

Lo Moon (Photo by Cara Robbins)
Lo Moon (Photo by Cara Robbins)

“Thorns,” the third single from L.A. trio Lo Moon, sounds like Talk Talk making out with The xx in a persistent mist until the skies part at the 2:45 mark for a beautiful horn solo. It’s the third cinematic excursion in just over a year from the trio of singer-guitarist Matt Lowell, bassist-keyboardist Crisanta Baker and guitarist Sam Stewart. When Lo Moon unveiled the stunning debut song “Loveless” in September 2016, the album they were making with producer Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie) was said to be “nearly done.” Recent missives have added a second producer (and Francois Tetaz [Gotye]) to the credits and declare the album to be in the “finishing touches” stages. So it’s not just their songs that move patiently. Anyway, “Thorns” is more like a basket of pretty petals than prickly things; let them wash over you.

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