Video: Mondo Cozmo, ‘Plastic Soul’

Mondo Cozmo (Photo by Travis Shinn)
Mondo Cozmo (Photo by Travis Shinn)

And the star of L.A. rockers Mondo Cozmo’s new video is … Cozmo, frontman Joshua Ostrander’s dog and the band’s namesake. And Santee, his three-legged cat. And a cast of furry friends being tended to at Best Friends Animal Society pet adoption centers.

The DIY affair, which mixes phone footage and animation, is the video for the title track of Mondo Cozmo’s debut album “Plastic Soul.” “I wanted to make a video that would do some good,” Ostrander says. “If one of these dogs gets adopted because of this video, I would be so humbled.” Get your warm-and-fuzzy on.

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