Stream: Spare Parts For Broken Hearts, ‘Mush’

Spare Parts For Broken Hearts (photo by Burcu Erim)

“Mush” hammers out feelings with the mighty force of post-grunge rock dynamics, grinding out angst through heavy distortion-fueled outbursts by the mighty Long Beach trio of guitarist Sarah Green with bassist Jonny Cifuentes and drummer Jessica Lankford. The driving force behind Spare Parts For Broken Hearts, songwriter Green says, “It’s me self-talking myself through disappointment. It was my chin up to the constant swing life was taking at me during this time as pain became the triumphant anthem. It captured my indifference, and for me, this emotion is one I’m most terrified of.”

The band will share their predilection for tenderness served tough every Monday in October, with bands like Ramonda Hammer, Nicole Kiki Jaffe, Iress, Ever So Android, Taleen Kali, Melted Bodies, the Electric West and Object As Subject on the bill, as well as guest DJs including KNGWMN, Blood Candy, Easy Friend and the Pretty Cult.

||| Stream: “Mush”

||| Live: Spare Parts For Broken Hearts play every Monday in October at The Satellite.

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