Stream: Buzz Bands LA’s Favorite 101 Songs of 2018


Presenting Popular With Us — Buzz Band LA’s Favorite 101 Songs of 2018, in countdown fashion, starting with No. 101.

There are songs from Los Angeles artists with zillions of online followers and artists with just a handful. There are songs from artists with vast catalogues and artists with merely a few tunes. There are rock songs, punk-rock songs, soft-rock songs and retro-rock songs. There is pop of almost every stripe, though decidedly lacking in the blatantly commercial variety. There are political songs. There are love songs. There are anti-love songs. There are songs I would have liked in 1973 and songs I couldn’t have imagined in 1973. There are songs you’ve heard on the radio and some you’ll never hear on any radio. There are songs by teenagers and one by a sexagenarian.

And there are songs not on this playlist that are great, too, but when you start with an iTunes folder of 300-plus songs you have to make some agonizing decisions.

As for the song that landed at No. 1, Mara Connor’s “No Fun,” I thought “stone cold classic pop song” the first time I listened to it. And I thought “stone cold classic pop song” the 100th time I listened to it.

Feel free to comment with what I omitted.

||| Stream: “Popular With Us, 2018”

… And No. 1: