Video: Mara Connor, ‘Wildfire’

Mara Connor

Many a woman has been heard to complain about her boyfriend being a dummy, but that turns out to be literally true in the video for Mara Connor’s new song “Wildfire.”

The single is the third from Connor’s EP, “No Fun,” which releases April 3 via Side Hustle Records, the new imprint launched by the Big Hassle market/PR firm. Connor has not worked quickly — the positively captivating “No Fun” came out in the fall of 2018, and her collaboration with Langhorne Slim, “Someone New,” arrived last May. But each of the singles reveals her beguiling take on pop-Americana, with one slipper planted on ’60s pop soil and the other on the green grass of classic folk.

“Wildfire,” with its 12-string finery and Spector-esque production (courtesy of Adrian Simon, the son of Paul Simon and Edie Brickell), is lovingly retro, and that’s even before you consider Connor’s “Brady Bunch” style sense.

Speaking of which, she’s fully resplendent in the “Wildfire” video, directed by her filmmaker mother Kate Connor and filmed by Cristina Dunlap (Lizzo, Brandi Carlile). Her love interest in the video turns out to be a mannequin. (The all-female crew reportedly had difficulty with the guy during shooting, as he fell apart during the scene on the swan boat, part of him sinking in the lake.)

Even though there’s no question who’s in charge in this relationship, it is ill-fated.

With a wink.

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