Video: Allie Crow Buckley, ‘Cherry Stems’

Allie Crow Buckley (Photo by Brit Bogan)
Allie Crow Buckley (Photo by Brit Bogan)

Just as Audrey Horne declared, “Isn’t it too dreamy?” after confiding her crush on FBI agent Dale Cooper in David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” series, Allie Crow Buckley finds herself very “lost in love” in her latest single, “Cherry Stems.” After a successful residency at the Bootleg Theater and touring with Van William last year, Buckley and her seductive songs about co-dependent and ill-advised romance found a host of new fans. She continues the theme in her latest, also referencing Serge Gainsbourg’s mythical Lolita-like character Melody Nelson.

The video for “Cherry Stems,” directed & edited by Augustin Vita, begins along a dark road and arrives at a hilltop escape where Buckley trades the seedy One-Eyed Jacks casino club for an isolated studio space where she has room to dance in a light-blue satin princess dress, with bunnies further referencing the seduction of innocence and getting “cosmically shackled in the narrative [she’s] written herself in.” We’re all too happy to “play along” as Buckley’s backing band — Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis, Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band) on drums, Dylan Day (Jenny Lewis) on guitar and Grammy-nominated producer Mike Viola on guitar and Moog — does in this memorable rocker about getting swept away. Whether it’s an illusion or not doesn’t really matter at this point. Buckley releases her six-song EP, “So Romantic,” on Feb. 5.

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