Stream: Sofia Bolt, ‘Waves’

Sofia Bolt (Photo by Kate Kornberg)
Sofia Bolt (Photo by Kate Kornberg)

Fresh off a break-up, French singer-songwriter Amélie Rousseaux moved to Los Angeles in 2017, eager for a fresh start. During her time in Paris, she released a couple of EPs and singles as Sofia Bolt — musical adventures she has continued after falling in with an estimable crew of collaborators in L.A.

Late last year, she unveiled the first fruits of that work, the powerful single “Get Out of My Head.” This week, she announced that June 28 would bring the release of her album “Waves,” on which she is joined by the likes of Van Dyke Parks, Emily Elhaj (Angel Olsen), Marian Li-Pino (La Luz), Bryant Fox (Miya Folick) and Itai Shapira (Rhye).

It’s Parks, 76, legendary for his talents and as composer and arranger (not to mention his indomitable spirit), who is the architect of the strings on the title track. They add a sense of uneasiness and ennui to Bolt’s chamber-pop meditation, in which she tries to reconcile the fact that love, like the tide, comes and goes: “I eat, you eat, same story every day / You’re born, I die, the sand is swept away,” she sings.

Parks calls Bolt a “dazzling French talent arrived in L.A. in a bolt outta the blue. Brimming with music, and a promise of cross-cultural collisions … ready to take back what Lafayette left behind.”

So google the marquis and dive into “Waves.”

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