Stream: Molly Moore, ‘I Love You But I Don’t Like You’

Molly Moore
Molly Moore

“Do I sound psycho?” Molly Moore asks in her new single “I Love You But I Don’t Like You.” No, not at all. It’s a perfectly understandable outcome when a relationship goes into stasis, or when the future is clouded not by possibilities but by “the things we didn’t do.”

The song is the latest from the Bronx-bred, L.A.-based singer who continues to make inroads in the pop world independently. A year ago, she released her third EP, “Third Eye High,” and she has followed up with a couple more singles (including the powerful “Be Here Now,” written in the aftermath of the death of her father) and the release of stripped-down versions of “Lighten Up” and “Catch and Release” from the EP. In addition, Moore has been one-half of the pop duo Cosmos & Creature with Brandyn Burnette (now going by the artist name EMAN8).

In just over 2 minutes, Moore tries to sort out her conflicting feelings. “Sadness is like a costume that you can’t take off,” she says of the track. “Being in a long-term relationship and grieving is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to navigate, especially when anger and confusing emotions are displaced onto the other person. It almost sometimes seems easier to leave and isolate yourself so you don’t have a negative impact on the people closest to you.”

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