Stream: Blitz Vega, ‘LA Vampire’

Blitz Vega (Photo by Lexi Bonin)

Hungry for a rock song you can sink your teeth into? Look no further than “LA Vampire” (see what we did there?), the latest single from Blitz Vega, the duo of Andy Rourke (The Smiths) and KAV (ex-Happy Mondays).

Built on a menacing swirl of psychedelic guitar, the song is less horror-movie fare than it is about those in the “industry” who would sink their teeth into the weak. “L.A. is an incredible city. … I love it with all my heart,” says KAV, the Englishman who’s made it his home for more than a decade. “There is something to say for the people who drop everything and leave their lives behind to move here, putting everything on the line to pursue something different from the norm.

“The experiences and inspiration it gave Blitz Vega when we first started this project was invaluable. The characters you meet, the chancers, the dreamers, the hustlers. … You can lose your soul along the way. You can get bitten and have everything sucked from you in an instant. There are so many of those stories. But you’re always willing to keep getting up — because of the love this city gives you back when things are good.

“This song is a comedic look on the people who prey on others to give them their own power back, whether in love, the workplace or in the entertainment industry.”

It’s the third blast of vintage British-style rock from the collaborators, who debuted the project back in June. Fans of U.K. guitar greats, especially from the 1990s, should keep their ear to the ground for more.

||| Stream: “LA Vampire” and “Lost & Found”