Stream: Cape Weather, ‘Try Harder’

Cape Weather

Natalie Smith and Eric Jackowitz released their self-titled EP as Cape Weather last year, and they’re hitting the ground running in 2020.

“Try Harder,” out via fledgling L.A. indie label Anxiety Blanket Records, is yet another ray of indie-pop sunshine and the first single off Cape Weather’s “Slow Dance.” Over a shimmering guitar and understated beats, Smith’s radiant vocals — reminiscent of a slightly less effervescent Harriet Wheeler — exude both wryness and grace as she advises her partner to do better. If one must be lectured, you want to hear it in a voice like hers.

||| Stream: “Try Harder”

||| Live: Cape Weather plays Gold-Diggers tonight, along with Small Forward and Pageants. Info.

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