Premiere: Geographer, ‘When Will I Belong’

Geographer (Photo by Alex Justice)

Singer-songwriter and composer Mike Deni — aka Geographer — last shared some of his emotional geography on the sweeping 2019 mini-album “New Jersey.” There, in his first release after officially relocating to L.A., he cast wistful glances backward at time spent in his home state.

Geographer’s evocative pop, a marriage of organic and electronic instrumentation and carried by Deni’s blissful tenor/falsetto, figures to be writ large when he releases his new album “Down and Out in the Garden of Earthly Delights.” The 15-song opus was originally scheduled to be released in May (with a tour to accompany it), but it has now been delayed to an unspecified date because of the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Suffice to say that the new single “When Will I Belong” will be enough to tide Geographer fans over. It’s a spare but atmospheric ballad exemplary of Geographer’s penchant for turning the deepest of emotions into expansive cinema.

The song was first heard on the NBC drama “New Amsterdam.”

“I originally wrote this for a TV show, but it really touched a nerve with me, and I was so happy that their vision for the song they wanted aligned so well with how I was feeling at the time,” Deni says. “It came from a very deep place of longing to have a beautiful life, wanting to let out the light that is inside me (and all of us). Wanting to be one of the lucky ones.”

The tune, which will now appear as a bonus track on the vinyl release of the album, is out digitally on Friday.

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