Video: Valley Queen, ‘Your Red Light’ (feat. Cosmo Gold)

"Your Red Light" collaborators Mike DeLuccia, Natalie Carol, Neil Wogensen and Emily Gold

The widescreen new single “Your Red Light” — and by widescreen, we mean big enough to hold its disparate parts — combines the talents of many L.A. artists: the bands Valley Queen and Cosmo Gold and guitarist extraordinaire William Tyler.

The song is the A-side of the forthcoming Valley Queen 7-inch (b/w “Bad Astrology”), out May 15, produced by Valley Queen bassist Neil Wogensen.

Valley Queen’s Natalie Carol, of course, sings like somebody just opened the window to let light in the room; twined with Cosmo Gold’s Emily Gold, “Your Red Light” floats along in reverie until Tyler’s guitar seals the deal.

“‘Your Red Light’ is a song about facing destructive compulsion in the midst of devotion and love,” explains Carol, who co-wrote the song with Gold via text, swapping lyrical, arrangement and melody ideas. “I wanted to make recordings that were more collaborative, with artists that surround me that I admire but were not formal members of my band.”

Valley Queen’s album “Supergiant” came out in 2018. Cosmo gold’s debut EP “Waiting on the City” came out in 2019. The video for “Your Red Light” was directed by Alex Justice and filmed at Lucca Mart.

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