Premiere: Casual Vice, ‘Brighter Days’

Casual Vice

Brighter days are coming. “Brighter Days” — the soaring single from the duo going by the name Casual Vice — is coming, too. It’s officially out on Tuesday.

Casual Vice combines the talents the San Clemente-based duo of Kyle Krone and Brandon Hoogenboom, both of whom have long musical resumés. Krone fronted the SoCal rock band the Shys, released two solo albums (including 2019’s “Sea Level”) and recently worked with Wes Chiller, among other exploits. Hoogenboom is an American who spent substantial time in Australia fronting the indie band Set Sail before returning to the U.S. His first solo album “For Mabel,” released last year, was dedicated to his late great-grandmother.

The pair met through mutual friends and started collaborating (Hoogenboom assisted on Krone’s most recent single “Neon Desert”). “I just fell in love with his voice and his sunshiny disposition in general,” Krone says.

Both bring the sunshine to “Brighter Days,” a hard-charging anthem with an optimism as relentless as the fragrant sea breezes in southern Orange County. “Brighter days / feel the waves,” they harmonize, and these days it’s something to look forward to.

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