Stream: Casual Vice, ‘Antihero’

Casual Vice (Photo by Billy Yarbrough)

“Maybe there’s a life out there that I haven’t lived,” Kyle Krone wonders in the new Casual Vice single “Antihero,” a stream-of-consciousness inventory of what’s on his “restless mind.”

The song, released today, is the latest from the relatively new indie-rock collaboration between Krone (The Shys) and Brandon Hoogenboom (Set Sail), who debuted this spring with the single “Brighter Days”. Ever since, they’ve been releasing music that suggests there must be “Something in the Water” in San Clemente, where they’re based. They released their debut EP, “Summer Noir,” in August and are working on another for 2021.

“Antihero,” similar to its predecessor “High Praise,” sees the duo updating the indie-pop sounds of yesteryear and splashing them with a healthy dose of coastal sunshine. Like the scrolling collage of cultural figures in the lyric video, the single propels the listener through Krone’s inner thoughts.

“Juxtaposition and duality are interesting to me,” Krone says. “This song was all stream-of-consciousness, an exercise in getting out of my own way.”

As the song melts into a fever dream at the end, Krone confesses, “I always romanticize the antihero …”

It’s an easy thing to do.

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