Video: Rhye, ‘Beautiful’

Rhye (Photo by Emma Marie Jenkinson)

Rhye​’s new single “Beautiful” is a breath of fresh air, having arrived at a time all of us desperately need one. The first new music from singer-songwriter-producer Mike Milosh since 2018, it shimmers like a desert mirage, propelled by the winds of an insistent but understated bass line and accented by cello and violin. It’s a dreamy reminder that the antidote to the world’s seemingly omnipresent ugliness can be found in song, or in the company of those close.

“As we all share in this collective crazy moment that is quarantine, there are many ways to deal with the isolation, many ways we can truly fall into ourselves,” Milosh says. “For me, celebrating the beauty that is my partner has been a huge inspiration for me and a saving grace. Beauty is something we truly need to be open to in this moment. Find it in music, art, your loved ones, or yourself.”

Milosh’s new video for the song features Ken Jones, Stephanie Kim, Courtney Coll, Mia Maestro, Cynthia Sanchez and Geneviève Medow Jenkins, all filmed separately by the artist with a telephoto lens (social distancing, right?). Lisa Eaton was responsible for the choreography. “Quiet dreams / fill my head like gentle songs / And these songs are my life,” Milosh sings, and that’s beautiful.

||| Watch: The video for “Beautiful”

||| Online: Rhye has been hosting the Secular Sabbath sessions from quarantine.