Watch: New videos from Rhye, Jesse Jo Stark, Taylor Locke

Rhye (Photo by Emma Marie Jenkinson)

Catching up with recent videos released by Rhye, Jesse Jo Stark and Taylor Locke …

RHYE, “Black Rain”

Rhye’s new single “Black Rain” arrived with the news that Mike Milosh will release his fourth album, “Home,” on Jan. 22. Imagine an orchestrated, less glossy Bee Gees as you move with dancer Aaron Taylor-Johnson (“Tenet,” “Kickass”) in the video directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. “Black Rain” follows the release of “Helpless” this summer and “Beautiful” in May.


On the heels of her late-summer single “Tangerine,” Jesse Jo Stark returned with the cinematic single “Die Young” and then this Dan Regan-directed video. “I usually don’t like to explain my songs,” Stark says, “but with the heaviness and discomfort in the world, I want to be clear. ‘Die Young’ is about all of the personal deaths and rebirths I’ve been through in my life. Love and loss. Times when I’ve felt like an alien and had to fly away. Or accept that I am an alien sometimes. This song is me looking back and realizing that these times made me who I am. I am grateful for every moment I breathe in and I fuck with the future.”

TAYLOR LOCKE, “The Bitter End”

Unlike his video for the single “Dying Up Here,” Taylor Locke’s visuals for the title track to his new EP “The Bitter End” doesn’t involve any criminal trespass. Instead, it features some colorful effects and editing by songwriter Bleu McAuley, who was one of Locke’s collaborators on the EP. It’s all road trip-worthy.