Stream: Cayucas, ‘Lonely Without You’

Cayucas (Photo by Cara Robbins)

Santa Monica natives Zach and Ben Yudin of Cayucas have unveiled “Lonely Without You,” a new single off their forthcoming full-length album, “Blue Summer.”

They describe the album, their fourth overall and second for Park the Van Records, as a return to their roots. “We had this mantra: Back to the beach,” Zach Yudin says. “That kickstarted the creative process. We were listening to a ton of Beach Boys music, fantasizing about living coastal again and writing songs reminiscent of the original demos I wrote for Cayucas back in 2011 — that’s kind of our base. For the first time in a while, that idea felt really fresh and exciting; let’s go back to what really worked for us as songwriters and felt special, and what was most authentic for who we are as artists. To write songs that hearken back to where it all started now feels really good again.”

They’ve done just that, as “Lonely Without You” opens with the sounds of waves crashing on the beach, setting a nice timbre that feels, well, coastal. If the sounds of waves crashing weren’t enough to send you off into a state of relaxation, their live video performance of the tune should do the trick.

“Lonely Without You” follows up the release earlier this month of “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” which, it turns out, is the lead track on the album. Cayucas’ last full-length, “Real Life,” came out in early 2019.

“Blue Summer” is out Sept. 25.

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