Stream: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, ‘Get On My Wave’

Andrew McMahon

Following up his series of drive-in live show performances in Anaheim earlier this month, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness has returned with new single “Get On My Wave.”

The tune first debuted at one of McMahon’s live drive-in shows in Orange County. McMahon later tweeted that the tune would be available today.

In his online comments about “Get On My Wave,” McMahon says, “I wrote and produced ‘Get On My Wave’ with Kyle “King Tuff” Thomas the day we met last summer.” McMahon tweets “It’s about love, alienation and how in a world where things can look perfect on the surface, there are currents running beneath and tides which push and pull at the shore.” The track is romantic and reminiscent of McMahon’s former projects, Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate.

What really stands out about “Get On My Wave” is the driving acoustic guitar and shaker. The piano takes on more of an accent to McMahon’s voice, following the melody line in the chorus and shining through at the beginning of the bridge.

As to whether the single will be featured on a new full-length or EP, only time will tell. His last full-length, “Upside Down Flowers” was in 2018.

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