Video: Rhye, ‘Helpless’

Rhye (Photo by Emma Marie Jenkinson)

Who hasn’t felt a little helpless at some point this year? Well, if there is one person that seems to be avoiding the melancholy, it’s Mike Milosh, the singer-songwriter-producer of Rhye, and it’s apparent in his new love song, “Helpless.”

The new single is accompanied by a video that features Milosh’s partner, Genevieve Medow-Jenkins, who co-directed the video, shot in Los Angeles. The video also features actress Conor Leslie, choreographer, dancer and director Fatima Robinson and her son Xuly Williams. Milosh says, “The video for ‘Helpless’ evokes our earliest memories of being young and dreaming up what love and joy could look like. … We hope it can inspire you to dream what love and joy can look like for your life now: through friendship, family or a perfect stranger.” The video, which captures the beauty of yoga, nature, art and puppies is a treat to watch.

Milosh encompasses many different music styles and “Helpless” does not fall short on this. While Rhye’s music is sometimes sublime and heartbreaking, “Helpless” is quite the opposite, showcasing a funky, rhythmic side of Milosh. Incorporating smooth synth and sultry R&B, “Helpless” has you tapping your foot right along.

Lyrically, “Helpless” comments on the ebb and flow of romance, specifically how both partners of a relationship can feel helpless towards one another. It’s funny, because with a title such as this one, you would expect something somber, but this track is lively. With a steady kick and snare, groovy guitar lick and undeniably luscious vocals, “Helpless” definitely vibes.

“Helpless” is the second release from Rhye this year following “Beautiful,” released in May.

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