Stream: Ian Sweet, ‘Power’

Ian Sweet (Photo by Lucy Sandler)

Jilian Medford’s voice sounds as if it might snap like a tree limb on “Power,” her new single as Ian Sweet, and that’s before the winds of fuzzed-out guitars descend. Like her post-relationship spirits, though, the singer-songwriter bends but does not break. “I wanna feel the power of holding no one, no one ever again,” she coos, affirming that being alone does not equal loneliness.

“‘Power’ is a manifestation of strength, something I was looking up and looking towards,” Medford says. “I wrote this song to try to get closer to trusting the magnitude of myself as a solitary being.”

The song, the follow-up to August’s “Dumb Driver,” is the second since the announcement that her dream-pop project has signed to Polyvinyl Records and is working on a third album. On the second, 2018’s “Crush Crusher,” Medford sorted through the detritus of a toxic relationship. As “Power” suggests, she says, “After pulling myself from some massive wreckage, I want to throw a party and sing about it.”

There’s no info yet on a title or release date for the album; perhaps that will arrive with the “Power” video.

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