Video: Fuzz, ‘Mirror’

Fuzz (Photo by Denée Segall)

Fuzz, the power trio most likely to burn the coronavirus off all interior surfaces*, return this Friday with “Fuzz III,” their first album in five years.

Produced by Steve Albini at United Recording, the album is the conflagration of riffs and rhythms from guitarist Charles Moothart, bassist Chad Ubovich and drummer Ty Segall, all of whom share vocal duties. It’s primal and immediate, approaching full-bore freak-out, though thankfully not in the same way the real world is.

After announcing the album this summer with the lead track “Returning,” Fuzz have unleashed two more volleys from the album. Most recently, it’s the pummeling “Mirror” and its strange video directed by Joshua Erkman.

“In an abstract way, I wanted to incorporate some of the thoughts that have been swimming around in my head about isolation; it’s pretty hard to avoid thinking about that these days,” Erkman explains. “Making the video was an exciting challenge given our current circumstances — how do you shoot a rock ’n’ roll band performing in a safe, but visually interesting way? In this case the answer was myself and the cinematographer, Star Rosencrans, dragging the band out to the middle of the desert with just a camera, some optical filters, and the bare minimum amount of lights needed.”

* Because it’s 2020 and you never know, we feel compelled to point out that we are joking and did not run that claim past the CDC or Dr. Fauci.

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