Stream: Dakota Blue, ‘Lie Right’

Dakota Blue

Offering an education in deception, Dakota Blue exudes indie spirit and Western soul in “Lie Right,” the latest single from the artist making dark, off-kilter bedroom pop.

“You gotta look them in the eyes,” he sings. “And you gotta say it twice.”

“Lie Right” is a follow-up to his October single, “Bronzer,” and his second album, “Off the Grid & on the Run,” released this summer. Its lead single, “Fear Saver,” takes cues from ’90s neo-noir films, like “Basic Instinct” and “The Last Seduction,” and is propelled by cyclical synths.

Paranoia threads through it all, with “Lie Right” taking an ominous, twangy pivot and delivering on his “New Wave meets gothy pop” sound. Nevertheless, Dakota Blue is transparent in the first verse with his ultimate mission:

“I want to manipulate your point of view and make you love Dakota Blue.”

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