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Stream: Dijon, ‘The Stranger’


It’s rap … It’s folk … “The Stranger” is “bizarre posse song,” with Dijon hosting a gang of vocalists including Sachi DiSerafino, Dan Reeder, Tobias Jesso Jr., John C. Reilly and Thea Gustaffson.

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Ears Wide Open: Jane Astronaut


Inglewood’s Jane Astronaut closes the book on 2020 with the single “Bugs” — and the hope that “maybe when we’re bugs I can see you again with the sun on our heads.”

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Video: Overcoats, ‘Apathetic Boys’


Brooklyn duo Overcoats land at well-aimed jab at the male-dominated music industry in the video for “Apathetic Boys.” Their sophomore album “The Fight” came out earlier this year, and the seven-track “The Fight (Remixed)” arrives Dec. 11.


Ears Wide Open: M.A.G.S.


L.A.-via-Buffalo rocker M.A.G.S. puts a “Smile” on a lovers quarrel in his latest single, the follow-up to his “Lost Tapes” EP released earlier this year.

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