Stream: Cassandra Violet, ‘Swim Test’

Cassandra Violet

There’s an understated beauty in Cassandra Violet’s plaintive new single “Swim Test” that matches the song’s theme: to prevail under the most difficult circumstances.

“The song is about my father, who has lived beach-side in Venice for decades although he can’t swim,” says Violet, who (speaking of hardships) is a high school English teacher by day. “This didn’t stop him from faking his swim test he had to take to get into college in the ’60s. His determination and individuality inspired me.

“Although this song is deeply personal, it actually really relates to the past year we have all experienced and how we are all trying to keep our head above water these days, especially in L.A.”

The song, like Violet’s 2020 single “Superbloom,” was produced by Joe Berry (who plays synth in M83). Like “Superbloom” and Violet’s stripped-down 2019 single “Nobody But You,” “Swim Test” will appear on the folk-pop artist’s debut full-length “Maybe It’s Not Too Late,” out in May.

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