Stream: Milly, ‘Denial’

Milly (Photo by Mark Underwood)

Milly, the young grunge/slowcore torchbearers fronted by Connecticut native Brendan Dyer, capture the whole unease of you-can-never-go-home-again in the their melancholic new single, “Denial.”

The follow-up to last fall’s “Star Thistle Bloom,” “Denial” is the lead single on the quartet’s forthcoming second EP, “Wish Goes On,” out April 9 via Dangerbird Records. Dyer, along with bandmates Spencer Light, Yarden Erez and Zach Capitti, recorded it with engineer Corey Coffman (of Gleemer) in Colorado last year, pre-pandemic.

“‘Denial’ is about the idea of being fixated on something but knowing deep down it’s gone,” Dyer says. “I was living in New York at the time I wrote it and was going back and forth between there and Connecticut. I was really trying to capture the feeling of being alone and why it was hard for me to digest how that felt. My hometown spots [felt] different after leaving, people moving on with their lives, etc.”

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