Stream: Valentine’s singles from Nick Waterhouse, The Living Roomers and La Bouquet

Nick Waterhouse (Photo by Jared Chambers)

Because we can’t send flowers, here are some Valentine’s-appropriate new singles, from Nick Waterhouse, The Living Roomers and La Bouquet ….

NICK WATERHOUSE, “Very Blue” and “Medicine”

Not one, but two new Waterhouse songs this week, both from his forthcoming album “Promenade Blue,” out April 9 via Innovative Leisure. “When I write songs like these, they’re little Valentines to those that have given me these very personal things I treasure so much,” says Waterhouse, who explains that the tunes (and his album) “are rooted in agape-style love centered around people that make differences in your life. I would say they represent two sides of the coin of ‘Promenade Blue.’ Lyrically and tonally, it’s the kind of love — and kinship — your experiences with others and, concurrently, the memories tied to them create. They are about how other people can affect you and your entire inner life that runs in parallel to romantic love (à la Valentine’s Day). I am also an Aquarius, so a February release just made sense.” We feel like there’s at least one living-room dance here.


Speaking of living rooms, the L.A. trio of Truman Flyer, Lily Dale and Jacko Rico join the fray with a rosy retro-pop number, the follow-up to last year’s “Dirty Rumor.” The band has its second EP on the way; it’s titled “The Dream Before.” The Living Roomers will be releasing the very colorful music video for this one tomorrow morning.

LA BOUQUET, “10 Things You Hate About Me”

The duo of Bryan Sammis and Drew Bruchs, who in 2019 released their debut album “Sad People Dancing” and followed up with a newer-new-wave sounding EP “Chaotic Good” last year, revisit a busted romance in their new single, the first from their forthcoming second LP. Ten things, really? How did that relationship ever get off the ground?