Premiere: Jordi, ‘Standing in the Back’

Jordi (Photo by Heather Wilde)

Seventeen-year-old whiz kid Jordan Radnoti released her first single as Jordi back in January, planting her flag on indie-rock turf with the tenacious rocker “Escape Route.”

Jordi returns this week with “Standing in the Back,” her second single as part of the Microdose series at Dangerbird Records, who discovered the Monrovia multi-instrumentalist in the spring of 2020 when she was playing with the band Unicorns at Heart. Teenage prodigies are not uncommon these days; high school seniors who write, sing and play all the instruments on rock songs, though, are rare.

Like her first single, “Standing in the Back” was recorded with producer/engineer Ken Sluiter (Heart, Veruca Salt, The Jesus Lizard, et al). The new single is a charmer, a four-on-the-floor dance-rocker with Jordi every bit the awkward teen, in the throes of a crush, wondering “Won’t you love me already?” Whomever her objet d’affection is, how could you possibly resist?

The video for the new single is directed and edited by Ryan Laredo.

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