Watch: Videos from Lili Haydn, Milly and Lucy & La Mer

Lil Haydn (Photo by Steve Appleford)

In our weekend video roundup, we catch up with recent visuals released by Lili Haydn, Milly and Lucy & La Mer

LILI HAYDN, “More Love”

“Grateful just to be alive,” Lili Haydn sings on the title track to her album “More Love,” which comes out next Friday. The follow-up to the single “Sayonara,” the new song arrived with an equally uplifting video. Haydn explains: “I had COVID at the end of June last year and there were a few nights where I really couldn’t breathe and I thought I might have to be hospitalized. This experience inspired the simple, heartfelt lyrics of ‘More Love’ … My dear friend Emily Green sent me her gorgeous photographs, which convey such soul and humanity — which is what I believe will get us through this harrowing time. I then reached out to my good friend and wonderful director Henry Barrial, for whom I have scored two films, and he and I figured out how to tell this story with images from the 1918 Spanish flu and now. … The message is: we are in this together and this too shall pass!”

MILLY, “Birds Fly Free”

Arriving as the follow-up to the February single “Denial,” “Birds Fly Free” is the latest from L.A. shoegaze kids Milly, whose new EP “Wish Goes On” comes out April 9. Says frontman Brendan Dyer: “‘Birds Fly Free’ is a full send-off on those that I’ve wronged and those that’ve wronged me. Writing this song served as an act of forgiveness in a time where I was really unhappy with the people I considered closest to me in my life. It feels like saying goodbye with an overarching sense of finding freedom.” As for Justice Vaughn Ott, let’s just say it turns into an action movie starring an action figure.

LUCY & LA MER, “Rollercoaster”

The last time Lucy LaForge was spotted, she was doing the “Rocky” thing in a boxing ring with her ex. Last month, the indie-pop artist returned with the relationship bop “Rollercoaster,” Lucy & La Mer’s first single of 2021. LaForge and LGBTQ author Haley Faulkner team up for a light-hearted back-and-forth about doing the long-distance thing.