Video: Dear Boy, ‘(On My) Mind’

Dear Boy (Photo by Matthew Reeves)

Dear Boy — L.A.’s favorite Britpop band who aren’t actually from Britain, as we’ve said before — have been soundtracking crushes they released their debut EP (written in Vauxhall, London, no surprise there) in 2013.

Two EPs and a few dozen swoons later, the quartet — singer-guitarist Ben Grey, guitarist Austin Hayman, drummer Keith Cooper, and bassist Lucy Lawrence — has signed to Last Gang Records for the release of their first full-length, arriving next year. The announcement came with the release of a new single, “(On My) Mind,” a declaration of a longing so deep not even the song’s chugging bass line can reach it.

“‘(On My) Mind’ is about distance, and the complexities of being in love and apart,” Grey says. “Missing someone is a whole other level of consciousness. Extreme joy and pain. A swirl of memory, dream and fantasy. But these are things that connect us to the people that we love and they’re precious. Good and bad.”

Says Last Gang’s general manager Chris Moncada: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be partnering Last Gang with Dear Boy … From the opening notes of ‘(On My) Mind,’ you can hear and feel the infectious energy that flows through the entire album. I cant wait for people to hear the whole thing.”

Produced by the band and mixed by Tony Hoffer, the album features contributions from Day Wave, Hazel English, Rogue Wave, AFI and Ian Hultquist of Passion Pit. Grey himself directed the video for the new single.

||| Watch: The video for “(On My) Mind”

||| Live: Dear Boy headlines the Troubadour on Oct. 9, with Goldensuns opening. Tickets.

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