Stream: New singles from Kills Birds, Greer and Black Adidas

Kills Birds (Photo by Cheryl Georgette)

Catching up on more rock singles released this week — courtesy of Kills Birds, Greer and Black Adidas

KILLS BIRDS, “Glisten”

Even with lead single “Rabbit” still rattling around in our brains, Kills Birds unleash the next song from their sophomore album, “Married,” out Nov. 12 as the highly anticipated follow-up to 2019’s self-titled debut. Typically, “Glisten” has scream-to-a-whisper intensity as singer Nina Ljeti unspools some heady catharsis. “This song is about loving the wrong people,” she says. “It was written after I experienced a profound betrayal, at the hands of a person who was unable to take accountability for their actions. The lyrics in the chorus (“Why don’t you love me?”) are directed at the person in question. In retrospect, they’re also questions I need to ask myself.”

GREER, “Happy People”

Young O.C. rockers Greer, who signed to Epitaph early last year and released their EP “Lullaby for You” that summer, check in with the John Congleton-produced “Happy People.” It’s the title track to an EP arriving Nov. 5, and “a self-reflection on bitterness and resentment, and trying to become a better person out of it,” says bassist Seth. “I’ve struggled with feeling easily angered by a lot of things, especially given what we experienced in quarantine, so writing this song was a therapeutic experience.” The band plays the Ohana Festival in Dana Point next weekend and celebrates the release with a show Nov. 6 at the House of Blues Anaheim.

BLACK ADIDAS, “Strawberry Kisses”

Courtney Ranshaw, an aerospace engineer by day and punk-rock scientist in his off hours, fired up his DIY project Black Adidas during the pandemic and came away with a pair of new singles, the follow-ups to his 2018 debut album. Fans of the old guard– from Sex Pistols to Black Flag to Descendents to Bad Religion– will be comfy with the Dave Newton-produced “Strawberry Kisses,” his second single this year after “My Favourite Song.” Snarl along, there’s a new Black Adidas album coming, probably next year.