Video: Velvet Starlings, ‘Can’t Control’

Velvet Starlings (Photo by Megan Blanchard)

Maybe it’s the stabbing Farfisa organ, or maybe it’s the guitar that sounds like it’s being channeled through a busted amp, or maybe it’s 19-year-old Christian Gisborne’s desperate-to-be-heard-over-it-all vocals, but Velvet Starlings’ “Can’t Control” is pure adrenaline.

In a ’60s sort of way, of course, because that’s where the L.A. garage-rock trio lives, sonically.

The video for the song, which appears on the band’s debut full-length “Technicolour Shakedown,” captures that energy in a freewheeling, youthful way. Filmed in Scotland, it stars Martin Hughes of the band Angelica Mode, who is summoned to move as soon as he slaps the record on the turntable. The video was directed by his brother and bandmate, Brian Hughes. The two bands toured together in 2019.

“It’s all about being an individual and doing whatever you feel, when you feel it, even if it’s running out into the streets and dancing Billy Elliot-style all the way through the town of Dunfermline, Scotland,” Gisborne says.

Velvet Starlings — Gisborne, along with brothers Foster and Hudson Poling — released “Technicolour Shakedown” last September. Today, it was released on vinyl for the first time by Kitten Robot.

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