Ears Wide Open: Mo Dotti

Mo Dotti (Photo by Sophia Negrini)

L.A. quartet Mo Dotti seem have emerged from the womb with an advanced degree in shoegaze and post-punk.

The band — singer-guitarist Gina Negrini, guitarist Guy Valdez, bassist Brian Rodriguez and drummer Shelly Schimek (Negrini and Schimek played in Peach Kelli Pop) — hit their stride with the singles “Gravity Well” (2019) and “Inverted Skies” (2020), which led up to that year’s release of their debut EP, “Blurring Skies.”

“Loser Smile,” released today, is the lead track on the quartet’s second EP, “Guided Imagery.” It brings blissful swaths of melody and distortion that carry Negrini’s vocals into the clouds. Comparisons to shoegaze forebears such as My Bloody Valentine and Lush, as well as followers like Blonde Redhead, are not for nothing. (Also see: Asobi Seksu, the Stratford 4 and the Charlottes.)

“Guided Imagery” is out March 18 via Smoking Room.

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