Video: Miya Folick, ‘Bad Thing’

Miya Folick (Photo by Ariel Fish)

Bad habits die hard.

“Wake up hand upon my forehead / Can’t believe this is the way I live / Even now. Still somehow,” Miya Folick confesses at the opening of her new single, “Bad Thing.” The latest song from her forthcoming EP, “2007” (out Sept. 9), it was co-written with Mitski and Andrew Wells (who has worked with the likes of Halsey, Celine Dion, Phoebe Bridgers, James Bay and X Ambassadors, among others).

Folick’s growing pains, which she first started sharing with her 2015 EP, “Strange Darling” (see “I Got Drunk”), are as effortlessly sung as they are boldly written. In “Bad Thing,” with its distinctly “Gypsy” vibe, she’s cursing herself again.

“The day I wrote this song, I woke up with a first-class, absolutely soul-crushing hangover, after having slept for a couple fretful hours,” Folick says. “I wasn’t the kind of person who could hide a hangover, so I told Mitski and Andrew what was going on. We wrote this song. It’s about being stuck in a cycle of behavior that you can’t get out of, but it’s not bleak. There’s hope in the song. I always knew that I would get out of that cycle eventually.”

Ruby Caster directed video.

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