Stream: Pr0files, ‘Van Gogh’

Pr0files (Photo by David Uzzardi)

Pr0files seduced synth-pop fans with singles such as “Call Yourself a Lover” and “Forgive” for a three-year stretch last decade. Then, poof, they were gone, and there was one fewer act who exuded the measured cool of Eurythmics (not that there are a lot anyway).

The duo — Lauren Pardini and Danny Sternbaum — succumbed to irreconcilable differences between the business and creative sides of music. “We had gotten a bit burnt out after several years of going through different managers, agents, label deals falling through, etc.,” Sternbaum says. “We decided to pause on Pr0files since we weren’t enjoying making music for that project as much as we used to.”

The longtime friends had arrived at the project with already-impressive resumés, so they went back to working with other artists, Sternbaum mostly as an engineer-mixer and Pardini as a writer and vocal producer. Early this year, Pardini released the first music for her solo project, Dreamt Of, a DIY affair that represented her first foray into production.

“Van Gogh” is their first original since 2017, a swoosh of ’80s intoxicants like gleaming synths, gently propulsive beats and starry-night vocals. “This past year, we realized we really missed making music together and we started sharing some new ideas with each other,” Sternbaum says. “‘Van Gogh’ came together pretty naturally — the song is a bit of a reflection on our pasts, and us letting go and starting again.

“How on earth do I start again?” Pardini wonders in “Van Gogh.”

Well, like this.

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