Video: Indiana Bradley, ‘Rats on Cocaine’

Indiana Bradley, with Hunter Burgan (Photo by Joshua Michael Shelton)

Indiana Bradley sings like others might roar “Take cover!” or “To the lifeboats!” The native Midwesterner wielded his stentorian baritone to great effect on his 2020 album, “Ghost Star” — and now on his hard-charging new single, “Rats on Cocaine.”

The single, a not-so-subtle commentary on Los Angeles culture, is the first taste of a four-song EP, “Pale City,” produced by AFI bassist Hunter Burgan (who also plays guitar and bass on the recordings). The EP will be released New Year’s Eve, to be followed in fairly short order by another EP that Bradley made with his “Ghost Star” collaborator Seth Olansky.

In all its visceral, clamorous stream-of-consciousness, “Rats on Cocaine” certainly lives up to its name. And in nifty fashion, the video marries the song to edited footage from a 1950s-era Soviet propaganda cartoon.

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