Stream: Pop Cautious, ‘Love Like a Fool’

Pop Cautious

Native Texan Tyler Porterfield presents himself as a peace-and-love kind of guy, and that’s reflected in the music he makes under the name Pop Cautious as well as the small group of artists he’s cultivating on his label, Pop Cautious Records.

His exploits as a label manager, producer and side man have diverted Porterfield from his solo project, but he’s prepping for a busier 2023. “Love Like a Fool” is his first release since releasing a pair of singles in 2020 — it’s a warm indie-folk track featuring Porterfield’s wraparound croon.

The artist has been stashing material for a full-length titled “The Troubadour” and has a gig coming up Tuesday in Hollywood.

||| Stream: “Love Like a Fool”

||| Live: Pop Cautious plays as part of a Breaking Sound LA showcase on Tuesday, Jan. 17, at Adults Only, along with Eduardo Maria, Chris Siders and Julia Segal. Tickets.

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