Stream: Blondshell, ‘Joiner’

Blondshell (Photo by Daniel Topete)

It’s been just seven months since Sabrina Teitelbaum started spilling confessionals as Blondshell, and five singles later (plus an extra for the Spotify singles series), there’s no reason to turn down her volume.

“Joiner” introduces “Blondshell,” the singer-songwriter’s debut album, out April 7 via Partisan Records. The 25-year-old NYC native and USC music school dropout worked with producer Yves Rothman on the album.

“I was listening to a lot of Britpop when I wrote this song,” she says of “Joiner.”

“A lot of those bands (The Verve, Pulp, Suede, Blur, etc.) channeled dark subject matter, drugs and all this dirty stuff, but with a fun acoustic guitar under it. I was listening to the Replacements, too. That’s what this song was inspired by sonically. I wanted it to feel like you’re watching HBO, where even though it’s heavy, it’s still a good time.”

Alexandra Thurmond directed the video.

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||| Live: Blondshell opens for Suki Waterhouse on Feb. 10 at the Fonda Theatre and on Feb. 11 at the El Rey Theatre.

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