Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 254)

Cover image by Sankey Jawali via

Here’s Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 254), a mix of things we crossed paths with in the past week or so. Check out new songs from Miya Folick, Dreamers & Irontom, Nick Waterhouse, Ariel View, Blondshell, Collapsing Scenery, Jess Kallen, Maraschino, the Heavy, Jenny O., Skofee and more. Find more Buzz Bands LA playlist on that Spotify thing. Thanks for hanging out.

Blondshell, “Joiner”
Nick Waterhouse, “The Fooler”
Miya Folick, “Get Out of My House”
Steady Holiday, “The Balance”
Collapsing Scenery, “Gold Rush”
Genevieve Artadi, “Visionary”
Jess Kallen, “The Knife”
The Heavy, “Hurricane’s Coming”
Dreamers & Irontom, “Don’t Go Dark”
Strawberry Fuzz, “Dropout”
Aloud, “Somewhere to Be”
Jenny O., “You Are Loved Eternally”
Maraschino, “Angelface”
Skofee, “I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant”
Ariel View, “Joan”
Beach Bums, “Whatever It Takes”