Video: Deb Never, ‘Momentary Sweetheart’

Deb Never (Photo by Brandon Dudley)

Fleeting passion plays out in the tender-to-tough new single from Korean American grunge-pop artist Deb Never.

“Momentary Sweetheart” was made with producers Aaron Paul O’Brien — aka apob (The Polar Boys, Ben Chandler, Dora Jar) — and Michael Percy (Snoh Alegra, Joy Crookes). It’s never first solo outing since “Crutches” a year ago, though there have been collaborations with Biig Piig and Audrey Nuna in the interim.

Never, who released the album “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” in 2021 and gained early buzz for her collaborations with Kenny Beats and Brockhampton, stands as one of rock’s most compelling emerging confessionalists. “A momentary sweetheart feels so good,” she sings, embracing the fling but acknowledging that “whеn it’s gone, you look for something new.”

In the video, the work of Uncanny (George Muncey and Elliott Elder), Never’s not really gone, but the motion blur makes it feel as if she’s not fully there.

“Momentary Sweetheart” is the first single from an EP she has in the works.

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