Stream: Gal Musette, ‘Plateau’

Gal Musette (Photo by Alex Justice)

Gal Musette has achieved the cinematic and ephemeral in her explorations in chamber-, folk- and indie-pop, fully displayed on her 2021 album, “Backwards Lullaby.”

Gal Musette — the nom de tune of San Clemente native Grace Freeman — fairly soars on “Plateau,” the new single that has its roots, ironically, in a Los Angeles traffic jam. “While driving, the lyrics started coming out as a form of venting, basically I was babying out/complaining about how much time I spend in my car,” the songwriter says. “But as the lyrics progressed, they kind of revealed a season of numbness and monotony I was stuck in, and the driving became a metaphor for how I felt in general, going through the motions, mindlessly traveling through life without much direction or emotion.”

Expect news about a second Gal Musette album in the coming months.

||| Stream: “Plateau”

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