Video: Holly Blair, ‘Make It on My Own’

Holly Blair

“You can do this, no one can stop you.” The little voices we recite to ourselves during trying times play such a pivotal role in dealing with discomfort. It’s especially true during breakups and none other than Holly Blair is here to show us that with the right mindset, you can overcome anything. It’s the central theme in her latest single, “Make It On My Own.”

“Make It On My Own” is the unofficial breakup song of 2023. It’s about rising up, looking forward and moving on. The L.A.-based songwriter has once again teamed up with Tim Carr of Perfume Genius to create a track that boasts assurance in the face of heartbreak. David Burris (Tommy English, Willow Smith) also co-produced the track.

In the video for “Make It On My Own,” directed by Blair, we see the artist sitting in the back of a pickup during the twilight hour, contemplating the future after a presumably painful split.

“Make It On My Own” will be featured on Blair’s debut EP, out this summer via Future Gods.

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